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The Loaves and Fishes: The Message

In this weekend’s Gospel, we heard how Jesus fed thousands with just five loaves and two fish. The apostles approached Jesus, saying “five loaves and two fishes are all we have here. Dismiss the crowds, so they can buy food for themselves.”

This is where most folks miss the point of the story.

The Apostles tried to get out of having to feed the large crowd. But Jesus told them, “There is no need for them to go away; give them some food yourselves.”

Now, how were the Apostles going to do that?

How many times have we found ourselves saying “Oh, I am too tired” or “I am too old to make a difference” or “I already have enough on my plate.”

God will give us whatever we need. When we need it. Jesus wants you to be another Apostle. You are not too old, too busy or unprepared. Just do it.