Archbishop Sponsors Refugees, Asks More to Follow His Example

“For Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins, the fate of Iraqi Christians trapped in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon is not just another tough case in an unfair world full of too much heartbreak. For him, the situation is personal.

Archbishop Collins has written to his fellow bishops across Canada about the fate of Iraqi Christian refugees, asking them to encourage refugee sponsorship in their dioceses. He has urged pastors in Toronto to get their parishes involved in sponsoring refugees.

He is also personally sponsoring a refugee family.

“Helping refugees is important in this world in which so many people are suffering, and I want personally to assist in this,” Archbishop Collins told The Catholic Register, a Canadian weekly, in an e-mail.

Archbishop Collins — like any parish sponsoring a refugee family — will wait months before he gets to meet the family picked out for him by the archdiocesan Office for Refugees. However, wait times for Iraqis are among the shortest for privately sponsored refugees.

As a Christian community, the Catholic Church in Toronto should feel a special bond with Christian refugees from Iraq, said the archbishop.

“We should always seek to help any people who are suffering, and the people of our archdiocese have always done so,” Archbishop Collins wrote. “But at this time, many Christians are suffering because of their faith, and we need in a particular way to reach out to them.”” – “Toronto Archbishop Leads by Example, Sponsors Iraqi Refugee Family”, Catholic News Service

This story posted on Catholic News Service is a great one that is definitely worth reading. If you are interested in the full article, click here. Archbishop Collins is trying to help spread the word that Iraqi refugees could really use help from others. It is awesome to see that he personally sponsors a family himself, and doesn’t just preach about it to his archdiocese. More people should take the initiative that he does, he sets a fine example of how to be a good Catholic.