Are We Practicing “Coca Cola Catholicism?”

You must be wondering what “Coca Cola Catholicsim” is. I actually picked up this term from one of Fr. Dwight Longenecker’s blog post titled with that very phrase, “Coca Cola Catholicism.”

As he defined it, Coca Cola Catholicism is:

1. Characterized by worship that is warm and fuzzy and sweet. Anodyne sermons that are about anything but the gospel of Jesus Christ–bland exhortations to be nicer people or to be more tolerant or pep talks to boost self esteem combined with sappy hymns.

2. A form of the Catholic religion that is stimulating, but the stimulus is mere titillation–it is merely an artificial stimulant.  To go to a Coca Cola Catholic Church is to come away feeling fine for a short time, but then you have to go back for more because you have not really received much nourishment.

Catholicism is a very precious religion. It teaches us a lot of things and enables us transform and direct our lives that it might be pleasing and acceptable to the Lord. However, we must see to it that we understand the precepts and principles of the religion so that we will be able to receive the wonderful gifts that it offers.

As Fr. Dwight said, we must aim to have a steady, deep and true understanding of the Catholic religion. Not settle for mere spiritual fixes. How can we do this? Through “solitude, silence, sacrifice, service and study.”