As Our Kids Grow, We Grow Too

“Whether we feel like a traumatised empty-nester or a woman who finally has her life back, our sense of identity shifts: we do not feel like the same person we were a year ago.” I read these words from a blog post titled, “Motherhood: On Growing Up;” and I believe it perfectly sums up what mothers go through as their kids pass from one developmental milestone to another. Don’t you agree? As our kids grow, we grow too. Our role as a parent changes when our children go from high school to college, and college into adulthood.

I have always been a firm believer that the art of great parenting hinges on lifelong learning. As parents, we  should not only watch our kids grow, but we must strive to gracefully grow with them. As our kids go through every stage in life, we must take each stage with them using everything that we have learned and gained from the previous stages–learning new things and stretching our comfort zones just as our kids are. As our kids grow, we grow too because we are parents and that is our job. Being there for our children is the most important thing we can do.