Attract Others With Your Strong Catholic Lifestyle

If you want to make other people pay attention to something, you better know how to hook and reel them in. As you may know, one of the most effective ways of keeping somebody’s attention is to make them curious. The Catholic Writer’s Guild has an article up today titled, “Curiosity, Little Souls, and the Quest for Ultimate Happiness,” that discusses just how “curiosity” can be a powerful tool for evangelization. It is critical to attract others with your strong Catholic lifestyle.

How do we arouse curiosity in others for our faith? Vice President of The Catholic Writer’s Guild and author of the above mentioned article Jennifer Fitz has this to say: “To arouse curiosity, our lives must be noticeably different than average.  We must be disciples of Christ.  For most of us, that discipleship will become visible in small things we do…”

We can share our faith through words, but it is our everyday actions that get others to take a deeper look into our lives–and see the source of all the wonderful things we do, which is Jesus Christ. Show your faith and attract others with your strong  Catholic lifestyle.