Bad Eating Habits Can Be Passed On To Our Children

Our children’s lives are greatly influenced by our own. I have mentioned this numerous times on this blog. Our children will most likely take on our values, principles, beliefs, and our faith in God. However, I don’t think I have ever written anything about how parents can pass on their eating habits to their children.

Given that it is typically parents who choose their meals and provide the type of food that they eat at home, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand how we can influence our children’s attitude towards food. It is through example that they take up our eating habits. Mom and dad are every child’s ultimate role model, so whatever it is that they see from us on a regular basis, they are very likely to imitate and adopt when they grow up.

A post from The New York Times titled Will You Pass Your Junk Food Addictions On? prompted me to evaluate the eating practices we have at home. I certainly do not want my children’s health and well-being to be jeopardized because I was not conscious of my food choices.