Battling Your Child’s Bedtime Fears

Reading “The Monsters Under The Bed” inspired me to do a post about the very common parenting dilemma that is children’s nighttime fears and nightmares. Battling bedtime your child’s bedtime fears can be trying.

It’s not uncommon for toddlers and preschoolers to be afraid and dream of monsters. While experts say that this does not reflect a serious underlying emotional or psychological problem, we can’t help but feel bad about our children not being to sleep peacefully at night. So what can we do to minimize these fears and reduce the discomfort they bring upon our kids? Here are my suggestions:

1. Track what triggers your child’s fears–scary stories, movies or TV shows–and minimize exposure to these things.

2. Emphasize to your child that the monsters he read about in storybooks or saw on TV are only pretend characters.

3. Don’t ignore, devalue your child’s fears; even though you have to tell your child that monsters are not real, you should acknowledge the fact that your child’s fear is very real.

Battling your child’s bedtime fears is a very real problem for parents. What suggestions do you have for those struggling now?