Being a Good Parent Sometimes Means Being the “Bad Guy”

Human beings are faced with decisions every day. What do I eat for breakfast, what should I wear to work, should I go to the gym today etc. So when a person becomes a parent and is in charge of making their own personal decisions every day, plus the decisions of their son or daughter; it can be tough. Parents are forced to make unpopular decisions for the good of their child, and it’s not always easy. Nobody likes to be the bad guy, but that role often goes hand in hand with being a good parent.

This post titled, “Two Parenting Dilemmas” is a perfect example of parents being forced to make difficult decisions. The parents in this post had to decide whether or not to pay $750 to send their son on a class trip. They were also faced with the decision of whether they should let their son get the new Call of Duty game. All of his friends have it and it was making things difficult at play dates. No parenting decision is an easy one, but I thought they handling both situations brilliantly.