Being a Parent Changes the Way You Sleep Forever

As any parent can tell you their sleep patterns never fully recovered from when their newborn baby came home from the hospital. At first it was the cry in the middle of the night for food, a diaper change, or just needing love. Then it grew into bed wetting episodes, and bad dreams. When your kids start driving and are out later into the night? Forget about sleep! It is a nerve-wracking thing to be a parent.

I read a blog post recently that perfectly described the sleep of parents. I thought the author’s description was hilarious, but also spot on. She compared sleep to an ocean and how she used to peacefully sleep the night near the bottom of the sea before having kids. Now she describes her sleep as, “Now I sleep in a little rowboat. In a thunderstorm, during a war, with cannons going off all night long. And also sharks”, and I thought that was great. The rest of her post about being a parent and how it changes the way you sleep is also really awesome.