Being Catholic in Modern Times

I know there are  a lot of tips out there on how we can be faithful Catholics in this day and age, but I picked up a tip today that is certainly worth sharing. Being Catholic is modern times is not something to take lightly. I got this tip from a blog post titled, “Living as a Catholic in a Secular World.” The writer said has this nugget of wisdom to share to modern-day Catholics like you and me:

Being a Catholic in the modern age isn’t an easy road. When the world is so contrary to church teaching, a Catholic who wants to live as a Catholic has to look closely at church teaching and find out as much as possible.To believe in these things you need to REALLY believe them. Understand them and not just take them on face value. On face value they make little sense, until you find the reasons why. You need to act upon them. You need to believe and seek Truth. The double life isn’t easy and people will look for hypocrisy in every thing you do.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? How can we actually firmly stand behind something we don’t really know much about? How can we defend and share our faith to people who are doubtful of Christ and His saving grace? More importantly, without a strong foundation of faith, how can we be sure that we won’t be swayed by unbelievers? Being Catholic in modern times presents a lot of tests. People and events will test your faith, but stand strong.