Big Turnout Expected for Cardinal John Henry Newman’s Beatification

This post from the Andover Advertiser seemed worth sharing. Pope Benedict is taking it upon himself to give Cardinal John Henry Newman the respect he deserves. He is going to beatify him at a Mass in mid-September, which will put the Cardinal one step closer to what he will one day undoubtedly obtain. I am talking of becoming canonized a saint of course, which seems inevitable for this great man.

“Up to 70,000 people from the UK and around the world are expected to attend a special Mass where Pope Benedict XVI will beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman, it has been announced.

Cardinals, bishops and more than 1,000 priests will be present at the Mass in Cofton Park, Birmingham, on September 19, at the end of the Pope’s four-day visit to Britain.

The beatification will be the first to be carried out by Benedict since he was elected Pope in 2005, a mark of his lifelong interest in and study of the 19th century clergyman and famous convert from the Church of England to Catholicism.

The ceremony will bring the revered clergyman, who died in 1890, a step closer to becoming the first non-martyred English saint since before the Reformation.” – ” Thousands Expected for Special Mass”, Andover Advertiser