Bishop Baraga May Become a Saint

“Following a four-month investigation, the Diocese of Marquette has closed its inquiry into an alleged miracle attributed to its first bishop, Servant of God Frederic Baraga, who is known as the “snowshoe priest.” The inquiry now proceeds to the Vatican for further consideration.

The alleged miracle concerns a reputed tumor found on a patient’s liver in various diagnostic tests. The patient, the patient’s family and their parish priest prayed for healing through the intercession of Bishop Baraga. Bishop Baraga’s stole was also placed on the patient’s abdomen, after which the patient’s pain ceased.

An exploratory surgery by doctors found no tumor, according to the diocese.

Bishop Baraga was born in Slovenia in 1797. He came to the United States in 1830 as a missionary to the Odawa and Ojibwa tribes of the upper Great Lakes region, traveling through the vast territory by canoe, boat, horse, snowshoes and dog sled. His Ojibwa-English dictionary is still in use today.

Consecrated a bishop in 1853, he served as the Bishop of Sault Ste. Marie, which would later be called the Diocese of Marquette. He died in 1868. The Bishop Baraga Association was established in 1930 to promote his cause for sainthood, which was officially opened in 1952.” – “Sainthood Cause of ‘Snowshoe Priest’ Heads to Vatican”, ETWN

After reading this post on ETWN I think that Bishop Baraga should be canonized a saint. I knew nothing of this man’s wonderful life this morning, but I am glad to say that now I am quite informed on the topic. After being a bishop and helping many people, I think that would be enough to consider him a good person. He performed a miracle though and that is reason for canonization. Hopefully this will go through and Bishop Baraga will be a saint.