Board Games: Valuable Lessons You Can Learn

Depending on where you live this past week might have been a little hectic. The east coast was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy and many are still without electricity. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those whose families and homes were affected by the terrible storm. For those fortunate enough to still have their home and loved ones, it has certainly been a struggle to remain active at home. Times like these make you realize how much people today really do rely on electricity to perform simple, daily tasks. Many places of work have simply been closed in the New York/New Jersey area this week due to the power outages. This have left a lot of parents at home with their kids, whose schools have also likely been closed.

For a day or so it was probably easy to keep busy around the house. The day after Sandy hit you and your family probably went outside and checked out the damages to your area. Cleaning up and talking to neighbors probably turned out to take up most of the day, but once it was dark there was probably nothing to do. After the initial search around to see how everybody was fairing in the aftermath, things likely got boring. Kids and parents alike are susceptible to cabin fever, and without smart phones, television, or video games this syndrome was more likely to act fast.

A pretty awesome way to spend time, as long as you have daylight or a light source, is to play board games. Whether it be the “parent generation” games such as Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit, or the “kid generation” games like Apples to Apples or Trouble; board games can be an engaging source of entertainment for all ages.

A recent post on Mom Life Today mentioned playing board games with children and the lessons it can teach. Not only can you and your kids have a good time while competing in a board game, but you can learn valuable lessons like honesty and kindness. Playing a simple game like Monopoly with your kids can turn into a learning experience for everybody involved. Often when you teach children a lesson, you can also end up reminding yourself of a lesson your learned long ago that you have been neglecting of late.

So while the recent storm might have changed your week drastically, there have certainly been opportunities to spend quality time with your children. Playing a board game together is only one of many things you could have done this week to spend better time with your children.