Bringing the Youth To Christ: Our Duty

There is a saying which goes, “The church is always one generation away from extinction.” I was reminded of this expression as I was reading a blog post this morning called, “Seeking the Lost: Young Life, Pope Francis and the “Villas of Misery.”

Despite all the things that are being said about the youth of today, it cannot be denied that they are the future of the Church–even the future of the world at large. For this very reason, I believe that all of members of the Catholic Church ought to seriously commit to strengthening the faith of our young people and bringing them closer to Christ. If our generation today does not give importance to the Church’s youth ministry, there may come a time when our church will cease to exist.

Yes ministering to the young people of today can be challenging, but it is a vital Christian duty that we need to fulfill. As we have been blessed with the gift of knowing Christ, we ought to give it back to the young ones who will come after us. We do this so they could also share the good news to those who will come after them when we are long gone.

Evangelism was never meant to be comfortable. Ever since the days of Jesus Christ, witnessing has always been a challenge. It is a fulfilling challenge though. May we all have the courage and the heart to pass on the truth to the young ones of today!