The Cardinal Foundations of Good Manners

I’d like to share with you this tip I got from a post I read this morning titled, “15 Lessons From a Father to a Son:”

Use Your Manners. You’ll be amazed at the power of a well-placed “please” or “thank you.” There are LOTS of other things to work on, but we’ll celebrate if you at least nail those two!

As parents, one of the most important jobs we have is to help our children develop good social skills–teach them how to interact with others in a polite manner with people, and teach them to treat others with respect. Just as the writer above says, the most basic things we ought to teach them is to say “please” and “thank you.” These things may not seem much, but they are the cardinal foundations of good manners.

Start teaching and showing your children good manners while they are young and it will become a habitual part of their lives into adolescence and beyond. Try to make the cardinal foundations of good manners a focal point in your family life.