Catholic Parenting: Raising Your Kids the Best You Can

Every Catholic parent wants their children to grow up and be good, faithful people. They hope that they will end up being good Catholics who attend Mass regularly, and live a life that God can be proud of. There are so many factors that Catholic parents must take into account when raising their children. Where will they go to school? How old do they have to be before we can attend Mass as a family every weekend? What TV programs are appropriate? You get the picture, there are plenty of things to worry about as a parent looking to raise a good Catholic child.

I recently read a post written by a mother who has concerns similar to those discussed above. The post is called, “7 Issues/Struggles Catholic Mothers Face in Raising Good, Catholic Children”, and it is a discussion of different issues that Catholic mothers have. Topics include being to hard on yourself, becoming too strict with your children, judging other parents, and being judged by other parents. If you are a Catholic mother or father and are struggling with raising your child to be a good Catholic, keep in mind that you are likely doing a terrific job. Reading this post might help you to feel better as well, so give it a shot!