Celebrating Valentine’s Day In The Light of God’s Love

It’s St. Valentine’s Day today. If we look at the Church calendar, you would see that today is no longer a part of the official worldwide feasts of the Roman Catholic Church. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that majority of the world’s population will still be celebrating this day, which has already been known worldwide as the “day of love.”

A lot of lovers all over the world will be expressing their love for each other through flowers, chocolates, letters, and grand gestures. And while I sincerely think that those actions are admirable, my family likes to take this day as a day to celebrate the greatest love of all–God’s unfathomable love!

God may not be able to hand me flowers or chocolates today, but He certainly loves me a lot! He gave me a gift that no one else could ever give–the gift of salvation.

As we celebrate the love of our families and loved ones today, hopefully we also take the time to appreciate God’s love for us. Take the time to read this post, On Valentine’s Day: Give Love and feel the great love God has for you!


  1. Great post! I find it’s very easy to get wrapped up the commercialization of it all instead of focusing on God’s love.

    • Totally agree Erica! Valentine’s Day is more of a Hallmark holiday than it is about true love. I mean it is a day for Saint Valentine right? It is great to show your affection for family and loved ones on Valentine’s Day, but it only seems fair that God receives some of your love too.