Celebrating Valentine’s Day With The Kids

Of course, I want to be all sweet and lovey-dovey with my husband on this “day of love,” but I never want to let this day pass without leaving my children with great memories of Valentine’s Day with mommy.

Since the start of this week, I have already been thinking about what I could do with my children today. Fortunately, my lack of creativity is easily compensated with the vastness of the internet! Ha! I found a lot of wonderful ideas, but I had to limit myself to 4 to make sure that I actually got something done and prepared in time for Valentine’s Day. So here is the game plan for today:

  • I served up heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast.
  • Take them to the local library and read books about St. Valentine.
  • Bake some red velvet cupcakes and have them decorate each one.
  • Make Valentine’s Day crafts for grandma and grandpa.

And while Valentine’s Day will be over hours from now, we should never stop showing our children that they are special and loved dearly. Here are a mother’s ideas on how we can show love to our children all year long: 10 Ways To Show Your Children You Love Them.