Choosing The Right Kind of Toys For Your Kids

Play is one of the most powerful vehicles children have for learning new skills, concepts, and experiences. Research shows that 90% of play in children involves a toy. With these facts at hand, we can easily conclude that toys are vital in the development of our children. However, the problem is, not all toys are appropriate and helpful to our children; as a matter of fact, some may even do more harm than good. Choosing the right kind of toys for your kids is super important.

My criteria for choosing toys are these four simple characteristics: fun, age-appropriate, stimulating, and safe. I am also not a big fan of gizmos and gadgets because as the Kaiser Foundation said, “The real educational toys are not the flashy gadgets and gizmos with big promises, but the staples that have built creative thinkers for decades.” 

If you need help choosing the right kind of toys for your kids here are some good tips: “How To Choose Toys.”