Combatting Your Child’s “No Phase”: Use Reverse Psychology

Parenting a toddler can become a lot more difficult when they go through their “no phase”. It doesn’t matter what you are asking them to do, even if it is something fun they will refuse. I know it can become really frustrating to deal with this, especially you are going through it with your first child. A strategy that I have used is to offer up two different options for my kids. If you let them choose between two different choices it lets them feel like they are in control.

A recent post I read titled, “Toddler Parenting Strategies” featured another good option they have been using to combat the “no phase”. They have been using reverse psychology on their toddler, and while this won’t work forever; it seems like it’s working splendidly for now. Whenever their child refuses to eat their food, these parents simply say okay I am hungry so I will eat it. The simplicity of this is genius, and also quite funny I think. Just thought I’d share their tip and my own tip about getting past the “no phase”. Parenting is a constant work in progress and changing approaches is something that happens often. I hope these tips help you out, even if it’s only for a short time.