Discover God’s Specific Orders for You

I read something this morning that made me re-think the things that I am doing in the service of God. This post titled, “Freedom in Obeying,” covered the topic of discipleship and Christian duty. While I have always believed that every person has a work to do for God’s kingdom, the post made me realize that I cannot just do anything that I want–even if I intend to do it for Jesus and his kingdom. Finding what God’s specific orders are for you can be a lifelong quest.

Just like the disciples before all of us, we have to abide by his specific orders. Although we have the best intentions at heart, we cannot just go out there and do whatever we feel like doing. Anything that we do that is without the Lord’s authorization, guidance, and provision will be void of his power.

To really help fulfill the Lord’s work on Earth, we should take the time to discover God’s specific orders for us. How do you think can we actually know what God wants us to do for him?


  1. Had I been asked this question a year ago, I wouldn’t have had an answer. We can’t know what God wants. People who say they do know – in particular, pastors/preachers who say they were “called” by God – I never believed any of this.

    Now, however, I do believe we can know. No – we may not ever truly know the full extent of the path God wants us on. But we can know what he is calling on us to do at this particular time. We need to silence our hearts and minds and souls. Quiet the turmoil and chaos for a brief time, and pray or meditate.

    God does speak to us when we’re ready to listen. Of course, this is usually through a feeling or a sign – which we need to learn to pick up on. Sometimes it would be nice if He’d just sit down next to me and say “Ok, here’s what I need you to do….” Or, send me an email. Or a text. 🙂

    • Brandi I think we’d all love to get a daily text reminder from God saying, “Hey just checking in, do this today!” 🙂 Since that isn’t possible I think your advice to silence our heart, mind, and soul and listen to God is our best bet. You can learn so much through prayer and contemplation if you are as you say “ready to listen”. Thanks for your comment and may God bless you!

  2. Wonderful post! I believe to secure our orders (purpose) from God there are a few essential things we must do. First, we must seek a relationship with God. Second, we need to talk with Him (prayer) throughout our day about everything – if we never ask we will not be open to the answer. Third, seek and obey through daily reading of His Word. I am sure there is more, but I see these as both Biblical (God’s instructions) and foundational to all other activities.

    • Sean I think all three bits of advice you offered are all valuable! By doing those actions daily your relationship with God will be open and you will be ready to receive His will.