Do You Pray The Liturgy of The Hours?

I have started praying The Liturgy of The Hours about a year ago, and reading Dan Burke’s article, “Liturgy of the Hours for the Rest of Us” prompted me to share this life enriching practice with you. Do you pray the liturgy of the hours?

The Liturgy of the Hours, also known as the Divine Office, canonical hours, or the Breviary is basically a set of daily prayers that was originally prescribed by the Catholic Church to be recited by priests, deacons and other religious institutes. But the Second Vatican Council later on counseled that it would be fitting for the general Catholic congregation to to take up the practice as well.

I encourage you to start getting accustomed to The Liturgy of The Hours. It has caused me great peace and joy in my everyday life.

As Pope Benedict said in one of his homilies, “Our relationship with God can only be enriched by our journeying towards Him day after day.” Praying The Liturgy of the Hours in addition to periods of private prayer, meditative reading of Scripture and attending Mass can certainly draw us closer to God. So do you pray the liturgy of the hours? If not, you might want to start thinking about it.

Should you need more information about The Liturgy of The Hours visit: The Divine Office.