Do You Trust Your Intuition As A Parent?

I picked up a few interesting points while reading this post: “Parents Must Trust Their Intuition,” so I decided to share my thoughts on the matter with you and hopefully you will share yours with me too. The main question here is simply: do you trust your intuition as a parent?

Although I have always been willing to listen to advice and ideas from friends, families and “parenting experts” on how to raise kids, I have always believed that God has endowed me with innate capabilities and wisdom to bring up my children–maybe not perfectly but–safely and properly.

A lot of parents nowadays end up feeling confused and stressed out with raising their kids because they pay too much attention on what other people are saying. They become too concerned as to whether they are doing the right and the best thing/decision for their kids; when in fact, they are the experts on their kids more than anybody else.

Now there is nothing wrong with listening to parenting advice so long as these things help enrich our parenting experience. If what you are listening to just fills your heads with doubt and robs you of self-confidence then you might want to draw the line. Remember that you and your child share an unbreakable bond that will always be the greatest source of information of what’s right for you, your child and for your family. So do you trust your intuition as a parent? I know that I do. Have confidence in your God given abilities.