Does God Have Favorites?

“Does God love some people more than others? Does God have favorites?” These are some of the oldest, most disputed questions about God’s relationship with his people. When you look at the lives of the people mentioned in the Bible–Moses, Jacob, Abraham, David, Solomon, and Mary the Mother of Jesus–you can’t help but notice how God has blessed and favored them among all others. Do their lives really attest that God loves some of his children more than others?

I would love to say that I am one of God’s favorites, however deep in my heart I know that God loves all of his children equally. I agree with what Dr. Juli Slattery of True Woman wrote in her post, The Myth of the “Super-Christian”:

“What sets apart those who walk intimately with God from the “average Christian”? Is it some special anointing? Perhaps. But Scripture seems to reveal that those who have a close walk with God are individuals who have made Him the all-consuming pursuit of their lives.”

Our relationship and intimacy with the Lord depends or our desire to know him and be with him and not the other way around. Don’t you agree?