Every Child Is Different: Each Parenting Experience is Unique

I read this article today and I thought that it might be worth sharing: “Don’t decide to have kids based on how you feel about others’ kids.” The author of the article wonderfully stated the very words I want to say to individuals who have formed an impression about being a parent based on their experience with other kids. He said:

“This is not to say that parenthood is for everyone. My point is only that you can’t expect to learn much about how you’ll feel as a parent by watching other people, even close relatives, engage in parenting. Nor can you learn that much by taking care of others’ children.”

While I respect how some people decide to not have children of their own, I am in total agreement of what the author has to say about how it is wrong to think that one’s kids will turn out to be like the kids that they have interacted with or that their life as a parent will be like the life of the other parents they know. Every child is different, and that means every parenting experience will be unique in its own way.

As the author said, “From the outside the life of a parent has many unappealing aspects”, but it really isn’t as bad as it seems (at least for me). I guess some people will never know the real deal about being a parent as the only way to know what it’s really like is to become one. Every child is different, and parenting is the same.