Every Day is a New Chance to Live Your Life for God

If you asked most people today if they thought they were capable of being a saint they would likely say something along the lines of, “not a chance”. However, is it the mentality that prevents people from achieving greatness? An article I found today points out that may be the case, at least to an extent. The post is featured on Catholic Sistas and is titled, “The Road Not Take…A Path to Sainthood”.

In the post the author Michelle talks about how, “Saints are people who have tried their hardest to do the will of God, to become holy, to live a good life, and to be virtuous”. This is how most people view saints, and that is a correct way to look at it. There are saints that ended up being like the description above that didn’t begin that way. A lot of saints have interesting stories about their conversion from other religions or non-belief. Some saints even persecuted other Christians before they repented. People should remember that they have a new chance every day to live their life for God. This is something that goes largely overlooked, and I think the post brought my attention to that.