Facts About the Parents of Today

I read thisĀ Parentdish Survey and I could not help but share some of the interesting facts about the parents of today I found there:

  • Thirty four percent of moms, and twenty eight percent of dads admit to having a favorite child.
  • More than one in five parents feel pressured to buy their kids the latest gadgets.
  • Unconditional love and affection are the two things that made parents happiest about being a parent.
  • While Sunday lie-ins and money are the two things they miss most about being child-less.

What do you think about these facts about the parents of today? Can you relate to these facts? Can you identify to at least any one of the things mentioned above? I would say that I agree with the opinion that unconditional love and affection are the best rewards of being a parent. I hope you all agree with that as well!