Faith is Believing in a Tangible Jesus

The Pope held a mass for Italian police serving around the Vatican early yesterday morning at Casa Santa Marta, and his homily was centered on faith in Christ. While the topic is probably one of the most favorite subjects for homilies of priests all over the world, I found Pope Francis’ message to be very refreshing and profound. He did not merely expound on the importance of having faith in Christ but how to actually have faith in him.

Faith in Christ does not just mean believing in a heavenly, impalpable presence, but believing in a concrete, historical person–someone that actually exists in real life and not just in our minds. This means that to have faith in our Savior is to look at him as a tangible person–someone we can talk to, experience and have a personal relationship with.

It is through faith in Jesus Christ that we will be able to inherit eternal life. So as Pope Francis said, “Let us ask the Lord that we may grow in this faith, this faith that makes us strong, makes us joyful, this faith that always begins with an encounter with Jesus and always continues throughout life with small daily encounters with Jesus.”

If you want to read more about the Pope’s homily on faith in Jesus, you can do so here: “Faith is not theoretical, but a personal relationship with Jesus.”