Faith: The Key To Happiness in Married Life

My daily reading of Catholic blogs brought me to this one particularly thought provoking post, “Lack of Faith Can Hurt Marriage, May Affect Validity, Pope Says”. The report made me look into my married life and realized just how much faith has contributed to my wonderful years of marriage.

The strength of a marriage is very closely tied to faith. Two people decide to take on the holy sacrament of marriage with the belief that God has brought them together and will keep them together until the end. It would only be right to think that without Him in the center of the marital relationship, it is bound to fall apart. When you come to think of it, to have no faith in Him who created and blessed your marriage is to have no faith in the value of your marriage at all.

It is true that marriage is vital not only because of its spiritual implications, but because of its role in the sustenance of a healthy society. However, I believe that marriage can transcend beyond all human expectations when it draws its strength and inspiration directly from God.

I also want to say that although I believe that it is advantageous for couples to share the same religious affiliation, I do not think it is the main factor for a successful marriage. Rather, it is the strong belief in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that will sustain a harmonious marital relationship. Common religion without strong faith will do very little for a marriage. It is through our faith in the Lord that we walk in the right path and it is only through His strength and power that we are able to wrestle and overcome temptations, sin, selfishness, and interpersonal conflicts.


  1. Saving a marriage is having faith on the day you both first met. 🙂