Faith Without Works

As we approach and now begin the season of Lent, we pray to the holy spirit: guide us. We are reminded in the readings from Scriptures (from James) that “faith without works” is dead. Similar to what we find on the streets today, two thousand years ago there were plenty of people who “talked a good game.” They would profess their faith, but would pass by others who were poor, hungry or tired, on their way to get to the front pew on Sunday.

Know anyone like that?

It’s one thing to believe in something. We all need something to believe in. But having faith… without LIVING the faith, is really a useless exercise.

For just as a body without a spirit is dead,
so also faith without works is dead.

Said a simpler way: actions speak louder than words. Abraham took his only son, Isaac to the mountain, following the angel’s command. Abraham had waited and prayed his entire life for a family, this was all this man ever wanted. And when he was finally granted one child — ONE — he was instructed he must offer his only son as a sacrifice to God.

You want faith? Abraham took his only gift (or so he thought) and prepared to offer him up to God as a sacrifice, following his faithful command. How many people do we know who would exercise that kind of faith?


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