Family Fun During April Fool’s Day

We haven’t even recovered from all the fun from Easter yet, and we are welcoming yet another fun-loaded day–April Fool’s Day. I haven’t really paid much attention to this day before, but since I resolved to integrate more fun into our family life this year, I am joining this year’s ultimate day for pranks, shenanigans, and general tomfoolery.

Actually, I have been preparing for this day for weeks now, scourging the web for great ideas for the kids and my husband. So here are the tricks I decided to take on:

1. Hide a fake bug in my husband’s bedroom slippers.

2. Set up a line of my kids’ favorite stuffed toys waiting to use the bathroom.

3. Make a miniature breakfast–a sunny-side-up quail egg atop a piece of cocktail bread with a serving of milk in a shot glass.

4. Place a raisin in the end of the toothpaste tube, so that when someone squeezes out the paste, they’ll get what looks like a bug along with their paste.

5. And, maybe, just maybe, I’ll hide all the eating utensils by dinner time!

How about you? What fun things are you doing with your family today to celebrate April Fool’s Day? If you need some ideas, there are some great ones in this post, “10 Awesome April Fool’s Day Pranks.”