Father Gerhard Hirschfelder Beatified

Before today I had never heard about Father Gerhard Hirschfelder, and thanks to this posting from EWTN.com I have learned about this amazing man who made a stand against Hitler in Nazi Germany. This Catholic priest risked harassment from the Nazi’s to try and tell Catholics to make a stand against the Nazi regime and its ways. This got him sent to a concentration camp, where he would die. Father Gerhard was a brave man indeed and today he was beatified.

“Father Gerhard Hirschfelder (1907-42), a German priest who died of hunger and pneumonia in the Dachau concentration camp, was beatified as a martyr on September 19. The priest had urged Catholic young people not to join the Hitler Youth and had preached against the violence of the Nazi regime in his homilies.

Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne presided at the beatification Mass, which took place at the cathedral in Munster.” – “Dachau Martyr Beatified”, EWTN