Feast Day of Saint Jeanne

“Feast of Saint Jeanne de Chantal
by Sister Julie on August 12, 2010

Saint Jeanne was an amazing woman — a wife, a mother, a spiritual mentor, and a religious. Her life is a testimony to faith, to love for God, to service of others, and she opened herself to being personally transformed through all of the events of her life.

Her life experiences “opened her heart to her longing for God and she sought God in prayer and a deepening spiritual life. Her commitment to God impressed Saint Francis de Sales, the bishop who became her director and best friend. Their friendship started before they even met, for them saw each other in dreams, and continued in letters throughout their lives.

With Francis’ support, Jane founded the Visitation order for women who were rejected by other orders because of poor health or age. She even accepted a woman who was 83 years old. When people criticized her, she said, “What do you want me to do? I like sick people myself; I’m on their side.” She believed that people should have a chance to live their calling regardless of their health.” (source)

I like Saint Jeanne, I like her a lot because of her deep commitment to God. She opened herself to be “more than”, to acknowledge but not get stuck in the contrarieties of life nor the conventions of life! She opened her door to people who were poor, even when she was living on a tight budget. She forgave and even befriended the person who killed her husband. She founded a religious community for those thought too old or sick to be a religious, a community which celebrates its 400th anniversary this year.” – “Feast of Saint Jeanne de Chantal”, A Nun’s Life

This was a post from A Nun’s Life all about Saint Jeanne de Chantal, whose feast day happens to be today! Saint Jeanne led a life that more of us should try and imitate. I agree wholeheartedly with Sister Julie on the topic of Saint Jeanne and her deep commitment to God. This is one attribute that really makes me admire Saint Jeanne as a person. Saint Jeanne is the patron saint of girls, so if you need to say a prayer to somebody today why not ask Saint Jeanne for a blessing.