Feast of The Holy Name of Jesus

Today is January 3rd, which is the day we celebrate the Feast of The Holy Name of Jesus.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Medal

Holy Name of Jesus

As if we didn’t already know that Jesus is a very holy name. This was the name given by the angel to Mary, before He was conceived in the womb.

But, at Mass this morning, our celebrant spoke about how we have seen so many athletes with unusual names over the past thirty or forty years. What he explained was, at the time “Jesus, the Christ” and also “Jesus the Annointed One” were such very unique and so very special names used to describe Jesus.

While someone can name their child “LeBron” or “Anfernee” it certainly carries special meaning for their immediate families. But terms like “Jesus the Christ” carry so much more meaning — for such a large percentage of the population, not just some family members. It truly IS a holy name: Jesus.

As a parent, we find that our children often try to emulate the parents. So it’s not a surprise to see your kids making the same torturous mistakes and missteps you made. It’s all a part of growing up. For the children, AND the parents! But, besides love, parents really GIVE their kids one thing: a name. Please parents, for goodness sake, don’t mess this up!

To a certain extent, remember, we have all become members in one large extended family. And today we celebrate the Holy Name of Jesus.


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