Finding a Babysitter: Making Date Night a Reality

One of the hardest things about finding time to spend with your husband or wife is figuring out what to do with the kids. Every couple wants to spend time together with the occasional date night, but it just doesn’t materialize sometimes. With busy work schedules, activities with the kids, and finding time to actually sleep planning a date night can be difficult. The biggest factor is finding a babysitter. It’s a big deal to leave your kids with somebody else, and the babysitter has to be somebody responsible who you and your kids feel comfortable with. There is not point in going out for a date night if you are too worried about your kids to even enjoy it.

Dad’s Round Table blogged about what to do when you are in search of a sitter. The post talks about different ways to find a reliable babysitter. Their choices included a family member, a close friend, somebody from church, or even using a service. If you have been struggling to find a babysitter, all of these options could be useful.

Where have you found quality babysitters in the past?