Finding the Right Amount of Self-Love

Self-love is quite a complicated subject. Often, it is identified along with pride which is said to be the greatest and most dangerous sin. It was too much self-love that pushed the devil into planning a rebellion against God, and this very same sin was what caused Adam and Eve to commit the original sin. If you look into the Bible, you will see that God’s punishment for sins involving pride or self-love is very heavy–take for example the punishments of the devil and his angels as well as Adam and Eve’s.

Too much self love is the direct opposite of total submission to God. Its very capacity to separate us from our maker makes it very dangerous and destructive. As it says in Proverbs 16:18: “Pride goeth before destruction; and the spirit is lifted up before a fall.”

But knowing that God is the source of love, it would seem impossible if God didn’t want us to feel love for ourselves. So how do we actually love ourselves in a way that is pleasing to God’s eyes? This post offers some great insights: The Greatest Command: It’s Okay to Love Yourself.