Followers of Christ: What It Meant and What It Means

When Jesus was on Earth, he had followers. Aside from the twelve Apostles, he had a crowd of people constantly following him wherever he went. Regardless of the weather, the distance of the journey, or the difficulty of the situation, these people tirelessly walked the path that Jesus walked and went where Jesus chose to go.

As modern-day Christians, we no longer have the opportunity to physically be with Jesus and follow him in his journeys. However, we can still be “followers” of Christ. When you look at the Gospels, you will see that “followers of Christ” are not only those people who literally follow his every step. The very meaning of being a follower is to spend time learning from and about Jesus and trying to live how he lived.

Have you been a faithful modern-day follower of Christ? Read this post for an inspiring story about following Christ’s leading: “Where He leads, Still I will Follow.” Followers of Christ have always had the same principles and beliefs. However since we cannot literally follow Christ every day, we now have a slightly different definition.