Forever Humbled By God’s Great Love

The word of God and all the world around me tells and shows me everyday that God loves and cares for me. On most days, I would just accept that fact with gratefulness; but today, a post entitled Path to Humility – in God’s Arms made me extra emotional. It reminded of my insignificance and the greatness of my Heavenly Father. It made me ask, just who exactly am I? Why would a God so powerful take the time to watch over, protect and provide for me–a lowly and wretched sinner?

We are all not worthy to be loved by God; but  He loves us still.  This very realization of God’s unconditional love brought me to tears. It is so humbling to think that I am important to the Creator of the entire universe.

Think about God’s love today. Think about how He has blessed you and your family and see just how humbling the experience is.


  1. Erin, I became convinced of God’s unconditional love when an elderly priest who was saying mass – and was suffering terrible pain – forgot what he wanted to say during his homily. He braced himself on the altar as tears streamed down his face. He said, “All I want you to know is that GOD -LOVES- YOU.” He said it so slowly and passionately, that I believed him completely. A couple of months later, he passed away. I believe that what he had said that Sunday – and the way he said it – was divinely inspired. It was a moment I will never forget. Rest in Peace Fr. John Reynolds.

    • What a touching and beautiful story. Thank you for sharing that with me! May Fr. John Reynolds Rest in Peace, he sounds like a true inspiration to Catholics everywhere.