Forgiving Yourself As A Parent

Have you caught yourself in the middle of the day recalling a parenting mistake and feeling very ashamed or guilty of your actions? Yes? Same here. Well I think all parents have these moments. As no one of us is perfect, no matter how wonderful we want to be for our children. It is true that we are bound to commit a blunder at some point. While it is typically normal for parents to recall these regrettable moments,┬áconstantly thinking about them can negatively affect us–and our family as well.

As sad as it may be, our parenting errors are irreversible. The best thing we can do from those moments of poor judgment is to learn from them. As much as we want to be faultless for our children’s sake, this is just not possible. But this does not mean that you can’t raise your children to become the best they can be. If you come to think about it, your imperfect children do not need a perfect parent. If you are perfect, they will just end up feeling bad about themselves because they are not. It is more important that your child sees how you cope with your imperfections and mistakes.

Let me share with you this inspiring post written by a mother who has struggled and overcome the guilt of parenting mistakes: “Like Beads On A Rosary.”