Forming Good Prayer Habits is Vital to a Healthy Relationship with God

Relationship experts often tell us that good communication is essential to a healthy and strong relationship. We are always reminded by professionals to find time to talk to our partner, children, parents, friends and even co-workers on a regular basis to maintain and even strengthen the bond that we share with them.

A lot of couples I know have created their own strategies to make sure that time is spent on quality conversations. For instance, one of my friends and his husband have this rule of not taking any smart phone, tablet, or laptop to bed to make sure that they spend pre-bedtime hours talking to each other. I think their idea is wonderful, don’t you?

It is important for us to create these tactics to make sure that we get time to talk to the people we love, and it is also vital that we have good prayer habits that will keep us close and connected to our Heavenly Father. In this post entitled, A Beginner’s Guide to Praying, the writer shares how she developed a robust prayer life. I picked up a few things from the post that I think are worthy of emulating in my own prayer life. Check the post out and you might find one or two nuggets of inspiration too.