From a Priests Mouth to God’s Ears

I just read an article in the CNA/EWTN News that indicates the priesthood in the U.S. has entered a period of renewal and that this will help revitalize the rest of the Church according to the newly-installed rector of Theological College in Washington, D.C..

“I’m personally convinced that we have entered into a period of renewal of the priesthood in the United States,” Sulpician Father Phillip J. Brown told CNA during a recent interview.

Very promising is that Fr. Brown feels that Theological College in his memory has never been in better condition.

“We have a full house this year,” he said, explaining that the college even had to turn men away because there was not enough room for them.

In order for the Catholic Church to strengthen it is important that we have priestly vocations coming out of strong seminaries.

“We indeed will be able to help to renew the Church through the renewal of the priesthood,” he said.

In light of the negative attacks our Church suffers in the United States media as well as around the world, it is nice to have a light shine through.

A Parish Priest once told me (I have three sons) “Pray not only for a calling to the Priesthood. Pray that you would accept the calling if/when called”. It’s so true I think. Many understand the decline in the number of priests and religious, but how often do you hear mothers saying “Oh, I wouldn’t want my son to be a priest”. They want grandchildren or they would like their sons have “successful careers” in business.

Considering my sons are currently teens with raging hormones I don’t think they’ve been called as of yet. But I do know for sure that I would support them if they felt they were in fact called. I’ve known a few priests and deacons that did not feel they were called when they were teens. It was more of an underlying feeling that was always with them. Some were teachers, accountants and college students when they felt the desire to enter Seminary.

I do not know what the statistics are for the percentage of seminarians that actually do become priests. I’m sure it’s not 100 percent. I for one think of quality over quantity anyway, especially when it comes to choosing to follow our God.

Let us pray for an increase in vocations. Let us pray for those entering Seminary now and for those who may soon become Priests. May God Bless them on their individual journey. Amen.

What are you thoughts on being called the the Priesthood or Religious Life? We’d love to hear from you.

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