Give Your Children Time to Grow Up

“There are many, many things you want your child to be able to do and virtues you want them to display by the time they are grown and on their own. But there are also many, years to learn them. Don’t demand that they learn it all by the time they’re 8.” I got this sound advice from a post titled, “Mom (and Dad) Relax, This Parenting Thing Takes A While.” The main point was you should give your children time to grow up. I thought this was great.

I think all parents worry that their children will grow up to become delinquent adults who have no consideration for others. While I believe that it’s normal to have these worries, I think that saying your 7-year old is probably going to be a law-breaker someday because of the behavior he shows today is not very realistic. Give your children time to grow up and become something other than just a kid.

Like everything in life, our children take time to acquire the right virtues and principles. As parents, we should constantly guide them in their formative years, but not expect them to act like mature adults. As much as we give our kids time to learn to walk and to speak, we should also give them a fair amount of time to develop the maturity and character that we hope to see in them when they grow up.


  1. Hi Janet, Thanks so much for linking back to my site! I’m honored.

  2. usethebrainsgodgiveyou says:

    Oh, Lord…I needed to hear this. I was all caught up in the “my kid is defective ” meme of the “he can’t help it, he’s autistic” crowd. It’s one in 25 boys now. Your kid is next.

    Some kids are just harder to raise!!! They need a stronger staff to guide them, not “antipsychotics”. Somehow, even though I believed that stuff…ends up he’s dyslexic, and wired different….somehow, I know I am a good parent. He needed longer to learn, just got his license at age 19…taking time in school (14 hour days w/driving back and forth) and volunteers in a train shop. He isn’t perfect, by any means, kind of a smart mouth, and picks on his mama…BUT…I know I am a good parent, because of the way he turned out. He’s a good kid. Either that, or he is SUCH a good kid he survived my parenting. I’ll take it either way.

    Time. Give your kids the gift of time to grow up. Thank you so much for this short and simple paragraph. I needed to hear it.

    • I’m glad that what I wrote was able to help you out! Sometimes we all just need a little reassurance that what we are doing as parents is right. It certainly sounds like you are putting your heart and soul into being a good parent every day. Keep up your tremendous work!