Giving Up Possesions

I like the story of Jesus calling over the disciples after a widow gives two cooper coins that equal a penny at the temple (Mark 12: 38-44). Before this took place the scribes came in and made a big production of giving money, making sure all were aware of their large donation. He tells the disciples that the widow gave more because she had less to give. The scribes gave a lot but still have even more at home. However she gave all she had. And that is what Jesus asks of us. Not that we should become destitute in our giving but to give with our heart.

I read of a story were a man was sharing on this subject and he stated that he gave away his most prized possession, his books. A woman cried “why your books, I could see money or food but I could never get rid of my books they mean too much to me” and her friend turned to her and told her that is precisely why.

I have a tendency to put too much importance on “things”, and as all who know me would tell you it would especially be my boots. So could I go into my closet and give away my most prized possession, my boots? I’d like to think I would but honestly I don’t know if I could! The woman in the story probably gave her last two coins but trusted so completely in God that she didn’t even hesitate.  She did this without being aware she was being watched, and more notably that it was her savior watching her. Unlike the scribes who made donating a huge production, she did what was asked of her without pomp and circumstance.

During the homily on Sunday regarding this reading the priest at my church stated that not only is it important to give financially, but of our time as well. After Hurricane Sandy blew through the Jersey shore it was amazing to see the outpouring of resources, financial and physical, that came pouring in from all across America and beyond. It reminds me how caring people really are and in dire circumstances we all band together as a community. They helped not for the recognition but because they care.

So back to the question could I give up my most prized possession and yes I can, because I do it all for the glory of God. It is what He asks of me and nothing, not even my boots, is more valuable to me than my relationship with God.

God Bless!