God Calls Us All for Different Reasons and Purposes

The story of one man’s journey towards the Catholic Church titled, “Road To The Catholic Faith,” reminded me of how blessed I am to have heard and responded to Christ’s call to follow him. Although my life is imperfect and still laden with trials and tribulations, knowing that I have Jesus brings a sense of peace and contentment within me.

 Just as Jesus had called his disciples in the past, he is calling all of us today to “abide in him” and follow where he leads. God calls each and every one of us for a different yet equally vital purpose. However, not everyone hears or listens to God’s voice and does his will. It is only by understanding and heeding to the will of our maker that we are really able to live a fulfilling life. A life lived after worldly pleasures is bound to be empty–full of fleeting fun but devoid of true happiness.

Have you answered God’s call? If you have, take the time to thank him today for calling you and giving you the gift of salvation. If you haven’t made the decision to fully commit your life to Christ yet, take the time to search your heart and talk to him today.