God’s Amazing Grace Can Transform Your Life If You Let It

I have always been amazed by God’s saving grace. How could someone so powerful send His only son to die on the cross just to save such others? What is even more amazing is the fact that God intended to save each and every human being–both the good and the wicked; the believers and the unbelievers. As it says in the Bible, “He gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time. (I Timothy 2:6)

Indeed, salvation is free but as God has always been, He gives us the freedom of choice–to either accept or refuse His saving grace. When we take and embrace God’s grace, it will transform us and make us long for heaven and seek after God’s will. But if we do otherwise, we continue to live according to our sinful human nature and fall away from God.

Let this post titled, You will be either saved, or Lost think about the amazing grace of God and its power to purify our hearts and transform our lives.


  1. Erin:

    Thanks for this post. Salvation is an issue of pirmary eternal importance yet it is rarely discussed, preached, or contemplated. Only our pride will keep us separated from our loving God.