God’s Presence is Everywhere: Find God in All Things

I felt blessed after reading this post today,”Finding God In All Things.” It reminded me of how I need to not look hard to find God.  I especially loved these words from the post, “God’s presence dwells in everything. God gives life and being and existence to everything, so finding God in all things is just a matter of opening your eyes!” God’s presence is everywhere, and you will come to realize this in time if you haven’t already.

If you recall, the phrase “finding God in all things,” is one of the very core ideals of the Ignatian spirituality. St. Ignatius encouraged Christians to search for and find God in every circumstance of life, and not just in spiritual activities like attending mass, receiving the Eucharist and praying. He counsels that we live each day with “eyes of faith”–eyes that see the Maker in all creation.

Isn’t it wonderful to have a God who desires to be known? A God who makes himself visible in all things so that we do not feel lonely and alienated from him? God’s presence is everywhere in our lives. Take the time today to look around you and experience God’s presence in all of his creations.