God’s Strange and Mysterious Works

Have you ever done something and realized later that God was actually working through you the entire time? Like for instance being able to share your faith, give hope and offer comfort while drinking a cold beer in a restaurant like the woman in this post: “God Uses Us Even in the Strangest of Settings.” God’s strange and mysterious works shine through in her story, and I thought it was a true inspiration.

God works in mysterious ways. We can never really know when God will decide to use us, so we just have to be ready and receptive all the time. No, there is no right place and right time to share the love and grace of God. God really doesn’t care who we are, how much education we have, how knowledgeable we are of the Bible you are or how unprepared we feel. So long as we open ourselves to God’s working, He can and will use us in many ways–surprising ways. God’s strange and mysterious works have no end, and will continue forever.

Take this quote as inspiration:

“David was the youngest son of a shepherd, but he became the greatest king of Israel. Paul ardently persecuted the early church, but he became the one who would spread the Gospel to the Gentiles. Mary was an ordinary teenage girl who became the mother of the Messiah. There are times in our lives when things seem almost hopeless’ but God wants to use us all for great purposes. He does not look at our current condition, but at what we have the potential to become. We should view others and ourselves in the same way…We should try to view all things with the faith and hope that God can and will transform us into the people He wants us to be.”