God’s Transforming Work in Our Lives

When the Lord Jesus ascended to heaven, He left his disciples with these last words, “Behold, I am with you always unto the end of time.”  (Matthew 28:20) While we may be inclined to think that Jesus just spoke these words to comfort to the disciples that he left behind, these words have a deeper meaning–for both the disciples and for Catholics.

This morning I got to read a wonderful post at Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction titled, “I am with You Always: Encounters with the Risen Lord in Prayer that so wonderfully expounds the essence of Jesus’ last words.

When Jesus was on earth, he was able to bring about great change in the lives of thousands of people who had known him. When he was called back to heaven by God the Father, he left us all with a reminder through his last words that he will never cease to cause transformation in the lives of those who are willing to let him into their lives. So long as we accept him as our personal Savior, he will constantly work to free us from our sins and shortcomings just as he did during his time on earth.

 May we all open our hearts and allow the workings of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit to transpire in our lives.