Good Gift Ideas for Your Grandson’s Confirmation

The day has finally come, your grandson will be receiving one of the most important sacraments the Catholic Church has to offer, Confirmation. This day should be one that he will remember for years to come. Your grandson will be formally accepted as an adult as far as the Church is concerned and you want to congratulate him with a nice gift he will remember. There are an abundance of choices you will have to choose from to find the right gift for your grandson, which can prove to be tougher than it sounds. So here are some choices to think about before you make any sort of decision.

Rosary beads will always be a wonderful Confirmation gift! They are especially great for somebody who has just been Confirmed because that person has just been welcomed into the Church as an adult. This gives them more responsibility in their life and also means they should try to become closer with God. One of the best ways to do that is to pray the rosary! Rosaries are also very nice to have because of how nice some of them look. There are many different kinds of rosary beads out there, they come in all shapes and colors, and there are even some that are made specially for those who have just been Confirmed.

For any special occasion in the Catholic Church, a go to gift to give has always been a necklace of sorts. Now for a Confirmation one may want to consider a Holy Spirit necklace. These necklaces are shaped like a dove to show the coming of the Holy Spirit to the recently Confirmed. Some other types of Confirmation necklaces include crosses with a dove on them somewhere. These necklaces typically come in gold or silver and can be engraved. Engraving is another way to make the gift you give unique. Putting your grandson’s name on the necklace can make it very special to him because it is personal. Putting on the day, month, and year of his Confirmation could also be a nice idea because he will then be able to always remember the day of Confirmation and who gave him that awesome gift.

Another choice to consider for a Confirmation day present would be a cake topper. This gift serves two purposes, it decorates the cake that celebrates your grandson’s Confirmation and makes it look nice and it also provides him with a keepsake to hold onto and remember his special day. Many Confirmation cake toppers are shaped either like a cross or a dove to represent the sacrament, and they usually have some sort of message on them as well.

Another great gift that comes to mind when thinking about ideas for a grandson’s Confirmation would be a Confirmation photo plaque. These plaques can either be flat or have two parts that open like a book. The text usually is some sort of prayer or congratulatory note to your loved one. A space is left for a picture to be put into the plaque, and this is where you can personalize this present and make it really special. Placing a picture of you and your grandson in the plaque will give him something to look back on when he is older.