Good Parenting Means Controlling Your Anger

It is a fact that all parents get angry at their children. No matter how wonderful our children are, how much we love them, or how skilled we think we are at parenting there will certainly be times when they will make us angry. While anger is an unavoidable and very real emotion of parenting, it can still have some negative effects on us and our children.

For one, it makes us illogical and ineffective parents. When we are angry our thoughts are so often overruled by our emotions that often we end up doing stupid things–things that we will regret and feel guilty about later on. Some experts also say that children who repeatedly experience bouts of anger from their parents are likely to have issues controlling their own temper. This isn’t hard to understand given that it is a known fact that children can very easily adopt their parents’ behaviors. More importantly, the ways we express our anger can take a high personal toll on our kids–some experiences may permanently affect their sense of self.

Since we are all humans, there will really be times when we will find ourselves angry with our kids. So what should we do? Here, a dad shares some good points: “5 Ways To Cope With Parenting Anger.”


  1. Janet,

    Learning to control our anger is one of the best things we can ever do for a child. It is amazing how quickly so many people forget that little life lesson.

    Someday i would like my son to look back on his life and think, “I had a good childhood.” I don’t want him to remember his life with his parents with negativity.

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders

    P.S. Thank you for the link back. Surprisingly, it did not show me notification that you linked to the article on anger. Generally, I receive ping back notifications when someone does.

    • Aaron,

      I found your post to be really helpful, your tips were great! I agree that I would like my kids to look back at their childhood fondly. A big part of that will rely on my ability to keep my cool even when things aren’t going as planned. That is strange about the ping back not working, I typically receive those as well. Either way, glad that I could share a your tips with my readers! Thanks for commenting.